Sarah McLachlan Supports Small, Local Orgs Too!

Sarah McLachlan Supports Small, Local Orgs Too!

Despite Hollywood “Cause Bandwagon”, Some Celebs Will Help Startup Non-Profits

Denver, CO, July 13 – Hours before her Lilith Fair performance in Denver, Colorado, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sarah McLachlan. Of course, this presented a natural opportunity to talk about Sarah’s significant involvement with a number of non-profit organizations around the world.

Of course, the most interesting to me are those small, local orgs who have had the thrill – and the major exposure and benefit – of involvement with such a major celebrity. Sarah McLachlan puts her money where her mouth is, giving, supporting, and performing for a variety of causes ranging from yoga therapy to animal rescue.

When we think about celebrities endorsing non-profit organizations, we imagine the “big” ones. Susan G. Komen, Make a Wish Foundation, and any number of animal and literacy causes receive a lot of celebrity endorsements and even construct ad campaigns focused on using celebrities.

You don’t have to be a non-profit for animals or tsunami relief in order to make a name for yourself as a non-profit. Non-profit organizations have a major role in making the world a better place, and just because you think your cause might not exactly rally the nation is no reason to delay launching your non-profit.

So before you count yourself out, consider the fact that there are probably people out there who can appreciate your non-profit’s mission, as long as you have a foundation of solid morals.

Why shouldn’t you necessarily think small? Consider:

●    Start today, and start local. If you count out receiving the support of a minor celebrity or person of local notoriety, then there’s a good chance you’re setting yourself up for a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even if your think your local metropolitan mayor, for example, doesn’t care about art education, you might be surprised if it turns out to be a favorite cause of his. Once you pull a deal together, working your way up is a piece of cake.
●    Find areas you can resonate with your prospective celeb advocate. Even if you think your non-profit might have a small audience or base, you might be surprised about the type of people who would want to associate with you. Local celebrities might be willing to take up your cause, for example, if you work in a similar area to where they grew up. See what this post says about networking, and put it into action finding local and even national celebrities to press your cause.
●    Attract attention by doing good “different”. Worried about construction jobs due to bad public policy? Line the road to your state capitol with cheap, miniature yellow work helmets for a few hundred bucks. Then call the media. Even when you’re not sure about how much success your non-profit will have, you might find that your non-profit story becomes an interesting one simply because of the action you’ve taken and the creative events you might hold. Local news outlets might pick up on your stories when you least suspect it; word of mouth can be a more powerful marketing tool than you might imagine.

In other words, it’s critical to have “blind faith” in the idea that your non-profit can expand and do a lot of good by focusing on its mission and by being honest and genuine in all you do.

But that doesn’t mean you’re excused from putting in hard, creative work. It’s not always easy to stand out in the crowd. The better you are at identifying ways your non-profit can attract good attention, the more likely your non-profit will attract needed attention.

If you want to learn more about launching a successful non-profit and gaining legitimate non-profit status with the IRS be sure to check out our free report.

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