How to Market a Nonprofit: Facebook

How to Market a Nonprofit: Facebook

Is Facebook for Nonprofits?

For nonprofits, Facebook can be a valuable marketing tool to spread the word. But isn’t marketing for profit companies? Yes, but as part of a new breed of ” social entrepreneurs” why not look at marketing your nonprofit on Facebook? You have a cause that can generate donations — so present it in a place where potentially millions of people can find out about you.

Organizations using Facebook include The American Red Cross, Nothing But Nets, (RED), Call of Duty Endowment, Easter Seals, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. All of these have increased their global visibility and provided a new avenue for potential donors to find out how their donations are being used. Facebook has also given them another way to demonstrate the high transparency and accountability standards that government agencies and donors have come to demand. But is Facebook only for the “big ones”? Definitely not.

Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Facebook makes sense as part of a larger plan for small organizations that have wondered how to market a nonprofit effectively without breaking the bank.

When it comes down to it, Facebook for nonprofits knows no bounds. Why? You can send a message to all your Facebook friends announcing your nonprofit’s new Facebook page. Ask them to “like” or “share” your organization’s Facebook page with their friends. Their Facebook friends can share your Facebook page with their friends, and so on. That’s only the beginning. Do you see the potential of Facebook for nonprofits?

With a little time and effort, your organization can have a Facebook page people can “like” if not love! But keep in mind that it can take some time before measurable results surface.

Setting Up Facebook for Nonprofits

After first setting up a Facebook page for your nonprofit, you’ll need to enter “What We Do” (your mission statement) in the “About” section of the page. Your organization’s “What We Do” statement is the first thing people will see when they land on your Facebook page. Think “Power of First Impressions.”

The next step is to generate content. Put up examples of how your organization fulfills the “What We Do” statement – stories from people your nonprofit has helped, great people photos, statistics of money raised and number of people helped and other helpful tidbits about your organization and what it does. You’ll get the idea, and it will become an ongoing, enjoyable activity.

Is It Too Much Work? What If I’m Clueless?

Considering how to market a nonprofit – how much work is involved in setting up and maintaining your Facebook presence? Well, do you want your page to be simple and sweet? Or do you want it to have some pizzazz? If someone in your nonprofit possesses technical skills and interest, and has the time to make good use of them, you could save money. Otherwise it may be wise to outsource at least the technical aspect.

As with any idea, reaping the fruit of Facebook for nonprofits will first take time to bloom. Don’t let that stop your organization from exploring its potential.

Here’s a great place to see both what others are doing and explore exactly how Facebook works for nonprofits. And, if you’re ready to do it, here’s “Get Started.”

While you’re at it, see my video Fundamentals of Fundraising in case you need to hire a Facebook techie. And check out my other high quality nonprofit training videos – bookmark it so you can take advantage of my growing list!

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