Craigslist Non-Profit Bootcamp coming August 14th

Craigslist Non-Profit Bootcamp coming August 14th

When you join the army, you start out with a bootcamp. Why? It’s a great way to digest a lot of information and a lot of training in a short period of time. Bootcamp is tough on you, but it’s that high degree of “challenge” that really inspires both your mind and body to keep up and adapt to the changes.

Why should training for nonprofits be any different?

Well, it shouldn’t be. And that’s why you can find a bootcamp to take at the Craigslist Foundation. With a bootcamp coming August 14th, there’s only a small window of opportunity for you to enroll, sign up, and really get your butt in gear.

Understanding the bootcamp

So what all goes into a bootcamp? What does it consist of?

As advertised on the Craigslist Foundation web site, “At Boot Camp, you will participate in interactive workshops, meet people who can turn dreams into action, receive expert coaching, and get fired up by stories of successful community transformations.

Reasons to attend a bootcamp

Even if you can’t make the August 14th bootcamp, there are plenty of reasons to consider a non-profit bootcamp in the future (after you get your non profit status from the IRS!). Let’s examine just a few of them:

●    Leveraging others’ experience. You get to learn from people who have run successful non-profits before. One of the best, easiest ways to circumvent your own obstacles is to learn from the obstacles of others and learn how successful non-profit managers have been able to get past them. This is particularly true if you’re already in the process of starting up your own non-profit and can learn direct lessons that will apply to your working life right away.
●    “Drilling down”. Many bootcamps will offer specific workshops that highlight a certain skill and allow you to focus on solving one problem. Rather than receiving general advice that doesn’t always apply to you, this allows you to learn the specifics of nonprofits and really develop skills you haven’t had before. It’s also a great way for you to improve on your weaknesses or to continue to develop your strengths in new and exciting ways.
●    Networking. A great way to ensure that your mind is in the right place is to meet the people who are in the same boat as you – people who are running successful non-profits themselves, or at least people who are dedicated to the goal of making their non-profit successful. You ’ll need to avoid the tendency to gravitate toward and associate with a lot of other “noobs” however. If you can focus on building empowering relationships, you can meet a lot of people who can share their success stories and tips with you – and you can even take on the “teaching” role and learn more about our own non-profit in the process. The key? Get yourself “in” with successful players every day by presenting your idea to people you meet with using these four keys: 1) Ask them what they do, and listen so you can build rapport; 2) Be passionate, 3) Learn to convey your idea in 15 seconds or less (we’ll go over your “elevator speech” in upcoming posts); and 4) Make it clear you are looking for some key advice or help in certain areas – without sounding like you are hitting them up. And remember: If you are serious about growing or starting a non profit organization, nearlywhere you go, and anything you do, there is an opportunity to network. will keep track of and report on the various bootcamp-style training events coming up around the nation, review them, and we are preparign to launch unparalleled online training of our own. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn more about launching a successful non-profit and gaining legitimate non-profit status with the IRS be sure to check out our free report.

ANSWER THIS QUESTION: If you could design a Bootcamp, what would be the 3 Most Valuable Training areas for your non-profit launch and success? The best answer will win a $20 gift certificate to Chili’s Restaurant!

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  • mompatriot1

    I have attended real estate boot camps before but not a non-profit boot camp. Interesting idea. The thing that interests me the most is the networking–meeting people and sharing ideas.